Pupil Premium

Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit.

Every year schools receive additional funding for pupils who are entitled to free school meals, for those who have had free school meals in the past 6 years and for service families.

The purpose of this money is to close the attainment gap between these pupils and others.

The percentage of pupils eligible for a pupil premium at Preshute School: 5.4%
The percentage of pupils eligible for a pupil premium nationally: 26%
Total pupil premium income 2015: £19,120

How did we spend the money?

  • ELSA support- this helps children develop better self esteem, better social skills etc and to overcome emotional and social barriers to learning.
  • Additional adult support in classrooms or delivering specific intervention programmes.
  • Supporting pupils with the cost of extra curricular activities and residential trips.
  • Kumon English and maths lessons for pupils who need additional support out of school hours.

How well did these pupils do?

In 2015, 100% of pupil with a pupil premium made better than expected progress by the end of Year 6 compared to 38% nationally. Their value added progress exceeded that of other pupils in their cohort and their results were better than pupils nationally.

In other years 90% of pupils with a pupil premium made at least expected progress and 70% made accelerated progress.

Pupils who made slower progress in this group had poor attendance.