Year 2

Learning Packs for Year 2 during School Closure

Ongoing Resources

The following documents are to assist parents/carers who would like to know more about the learning objectives for the relevant primary year groups under the National Curriculum. You may find these documents useful in the context of home learning.

Speaking and Listening (Years 1-6)
Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Appendix
Year 2 English
Year 2 Maths
Year 2 Spelling Appendix

Additional Support for Home Learning

Guide to our Calculation Methods - Preshute Primary School
Year 2 - Additional Support for Home Learning pdf

Staffing Structure for September 2020

NEW - Letter to Parents - Structure for September - 6 July 2020
NEW - Re-opening of School on Wednesday 2nd September - Arrangements

Weekly Resources

Class 2 Home learning General Information

New Learning Pack - week commencing 13 July

Year 2 - Transition Project and Letter to Parents - week commencing 13 July
Year 2 - 3D Shape Nets
Year 2 - 3D Shape Photo PowerPoint
Year 2 - 3D Shape Properties Display Poster
Year 2 - 3D Shapes and their Faces Activity Sheet
Year 2 - 3D Shape Faces Questions
Year 2 - 3D Shape Properties Table
Year 2 - 3D Shapes - Match the Shape Activity
Year 2 - 3D Shapes that Roll/Do Not Roll
Year 2 - Pop Stick 3D Shapes
Year 2 - Name the 3D Shape PowerPoint
Year 2 - What am I? - 3D Shape Properties PowerPoint
Year 2 - 2D Shapes and Sides - Recap
Year 2 - 2D Shapes and Properties - Recap
Year 2 - BBC Bitesize Suggestions - week commencing 13 July


Previous Packs

"Week 1" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 2" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated

Easter Activities - Pdf - click on the separate links
"Week 3" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 4" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 5" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 6" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 7" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
May Half Term Activity Suggestions Pack
"Week 8" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 9" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 10" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 11" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 12" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated
"Week 13" Learning Pack - Now Consolidated

Read Write Inc. - Phonics Lessons Streamed

Phonics sessions are being streamed by Ruth Miskin Training - click here and follow the links on Facebook and YouTube. Year 2 pupils may like to recap the Set 3 Speed Sounds if they were attending RWI sessions before the school closure.

Other learning resources
Reading Roads - suggested reading list

Welcome to Class 2

Dear Class 2 Parents,

Class 2 are involved in a bit of a mystery at the moment. We're sure that your child will have told you that some strange food has been left in our classroom. If they haven't please ask them about it or come in to see for yourself. (See attached photos too.)

Until they have found out more about these unusual happenings or solved the mystery, please could you give us a little extra time before we send you our Class topic letter? [NOTE: now available below!]

Please feel free to help us solve the mystery in any way you can.

Thank you so much for you understanding.

However, there is some information about about spelling tests that we need to share with you now.

As a school, we are reviewing our spelling policy. Therefore, in Year 2, we have decided to assess the children’s spellings via their day-to-day writing, rather than in a weekly spelling test. Spelling patterns will continue to be taught and practiced with the children across the week as before.

If you have any questions or queries about any of this or our "strange happenings" please don't hesitate to come and see either of us.

Yours appreciatively,

Mrs Merritt and Mrs Grant.

Newsletter and other useful documents

Please click below

January 2020 Class Newsletter Year 2 NEW
Terms 3-4 Extended Homework Ideas NEW
Cursive Alphabet Letter Formation Poster
Year 1 and 2 Common Exception

Powerpoint - Welcome Meeting 3 September 2019.

NEW! Wiltshire Libraries - events calendar for July!

Click here for their calendar of events for the week commencing 6 July 2020.

Click here for a flyer about Author Talk Tuesdays.

Please click here for information about downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks from Wiltshire Libraries.

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 - read 6 books (or more!) over the summer holidays

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event aimed at 4-11 year olds. Click here for more details

"Ten Pieces at Home" BBC Teach - a perfect way to listen to, enjoy and create music....

Click here for a link to weekly primary school activities on the BBC website which includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy and a linked creative activity.

Click here for daily shows with interactive activities to keep everyone busy and engaged, brought to you by Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell, Ian Rockley and Russell Prue. Just listen and blog. It's live, fun and interactive with new educational tasks each day....

Other useful documents

Wiltshire Council - Looking after yourself, looking after your children - updated

(Please do refer to this very useful guidance document, published by Wiltshire Council for parents and carers, which recognises the challenges of having children at home whilst you may also be working from home. It provides a useful daily structure for learning, as well as highlighting the importance of looking after your mental health as much as your physical health.)

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