Year 5

Learning Packs for Year 5 during School Closure

Uploaded 20 March 2020

Home Learning Week 1
Example of a Week Timetable
Addition and Subtraction
Bare Necessities KS2
Daily Grammar Week 1
English Week 1
Y5 - Expected Grammar Mat
Y5 - Pupil Writing Self-Assessment
Week 1 Daily Maths Practice
Times Table Games
Things to Do at Home
Comparison of the Aztecs and the Mayans
Ancient Myths Writing Task

"Week 2" Learning Pack and Messages from Mrs Lewis

... firstly, a note to you all from Mrs Lewis:

"Hi All, I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is very odd not teaching you all, and I miss seeing your smiley faces everyday. Please make sure during this time you are enjoying the sunshine as much as you can and remember do not work all day everyday! keep active and keep learning.
Hope to see you all soon
Best wishes, Mrs Lewis"

.... and an extra note to parents from Mrs Lewis:

Dear Parents/Carers

The work sheets provided below are for back up plans only, and they don’t have to be printed out. Please use all the recommendations on the key learning sheet for this week and make the learning as practical as possible. For example:

  • Science- look to see what’s growing in their garden and create an information text about it, what wildlife do you get?
  • Geography- your child could draw a map of their local area, record the weather.
  • Science- record the moon and its phases over the next week and see how it changes.
  • Maths - weighing and measuring things around the house. Give your child some items with weight on and they can add it up.

For writing the children can be as imaginative as they want, they can write letters to friends, information texts about their favourite thing, persuasion text as to why we need to stay home at the moment.

Learning Pack - Week 2:

Arithmetic Practice
Creative Writing Task Week 2
Daily Grammar Week 2
English Starters Week 2
Multiplication and Division Warm Up
Daily Maths Practice Week 2
Multiplication and Division Knowledge Organiser
Optional Spelling List Week 2
Reasoning Maths Week 2
Comprehension- The Building of Heorot
Comprehension - The Boy who Cried Wolf
Comprehension - Pandora's Box
Comprehension - The Dragon Kings
Venn Diagrams
Week 2 Learning Project Year 5

Music curriculum

Please look out for the ParentMail with music curriculum tasks attached.

Other learning resources
Reading Roads - suggested reading list

Welcome to Class 5 from Mrs Lewis-Lownds

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year and feel refreshed and ready for the new term which will be full of exciting learning.

Our theme for the new term is answering the big question ‘Would the Mayans have benefitted from a river?’ During the first part of our theme, we will be learning about rivers. This will involve looking at famous rivers around the world and understanding the benefits of a river. After the half term we will then focus on the Mayans and learn all about this ancient civilisation.

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Parents Welcome PowerPoint

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Although Wiltshire Libraries are closed, eBooks and eAudiobooks can still be downloaded. Please click here for further information.

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Other useful documents

Wiltshire Council - Looking after yourself, looking after your children.

(Please do refer to this very useful guidance document, published by Wiltshire Council for parents and carers, which recognises the challenges of having children at home whilst you may also be working from home. It provides a useful daily structure for learning, as well as highlighting the importance of looking after your mental health as much as your physical health.)

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