Emergency Closure

In cases of adverse weather conditions or other situations that result in the school being closed at short notice, parents will be notified by:-

  • Announcements made on BBC Radio Wiltshire & Heart FM, who will regularly update listeners of any schools that are closed. If you do not hear our school mentioned, then it must be assumed that it is open as usual.Information is also available on the BBC radio Wiltshire website.
  • A senior member of staff will phone the Class Reps., who will then start off a cascade system to help filter information through. This information will reach you as soon as possible.
  • If possible someone will write a notice of closure on the blackboard near the school gate.

Adverse weather impacts on health and safety, and local decisions are based on local conditions. Whilst we do our very best to keep our school open, we see the health & safety of our pupils and staff as our first priority.

Radio Station Information
BBC Radio WiltshireFM103.5, 104.3 and 104.9
Heart FMFM96.5 (Marlborough)
97.2 (Swindon)
102.2 (West Wiltshire)

Adverse weather

We try to stay open but in the event of severe weather that makes travel for you or the staff hazardous we will let you know via the cascade system or via local radio.

Holidays in Term Time

Before deciding to take holidays in term time please check out our holidays policy.
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