At Preshute Primary School all our children take pride in their appearance and we believe that being smart shows that they are ready to learn.

Although not compulsory, our children are encouraged to wear the following recommended uniform:

School sweatshirt | Navy blue
Jumper or cardigan | Navy blue
Shirts/blouses | White or navy
Trousers/skirts| Navy or grey
Pinafores | Navy or grey

Girls may prefer to wear blue gingham dresses in the summer and boys may prefer to wear navy or grey shorts. Jeans are not permitted.

Jewellery is not allowed for health and safety reasons and children with pierced ears should wear studs.

Please ensure that all clothing is labelled (including shoes). Should your child mislay an item of clothing, the lost property box is situated in the cloakroom of Class 3.

P.E. Clothing

The P.E. Uniform

It is essential for safety reasons that children are properly equipped for P.E. lessons.

The current P.E. uniform is as follows:

Navy/white t-shirtBlack/navy shortsBlack plimsolls
Navy/white polo shirtBlack/navy skortTrainers
Navy sweatshirtNavy leggings
Navy fleece (not full zip) Navy tracksuit bottoms

All items should be marked with the child’s name.The Preshute logo is optional on P.E. uniform.

Attached is a letter explaining in detail the current P.E. uniform requirements.

Wearing P.E Uniform to School - Trial

Since September 2017 we have been trialling the children coming in to school wearing their P.E. kits on the day they have their P.E. sessions. The key benefits that we hope this will bring are:

  • More learning time as time won’t be wasted changing
  • Less lost clothes
  • More space in the cloakrooms

The children will spend all day in their PE kits so please ensure they are dressed appropriately for the weather.

The children’s P.E. sessions are as follows:

  • Reception - Monday
  • Year 1 - Wednesday and Friday
  • Year 2 - Monday and Friday
  • Year 3 - Monday and Tuesday
  • Year 4 - Wednesday and Thursday
  • Year 5 - Tuesday and Thursday
  • Year 6 - Tuesday and Wednesday

Art Wear

An apron or overall is useful for practical work. These are supplied by the school for Infants. An old shirt with shortened sleeves does very well for a Junior child.

Ordering uniform

Items branded with the school logo such as sweatshirts, fleeces, polo shirts and PE t-shirts can be ordered through Tesco. As there is a Tesco in town this means that you can easily arrange to click and collect from there, just visit http://www.tesco.com/ues

PE in the winter

Please do send your child with a warm track suit during the winter months!

Manton can be very cold.

Holidays in Term Time

Before deciding to take holidays in term time please check out our holidays policy.
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