What we do

Our Curriculum

In our school, we want to provide a curriculum that meets statutory requirements but goes beyond what is required to reflect the needs of our pupils based on sound research on how children learn, our aims, our ethos and the community in which we live.

We aim to provide memorable, pertinent learning experiences that are:

* engaging and whet the appetite for further learning

* enriching

* purposeful and challenging, helping to accelerate pupil progress and attainment

How will this be achieved?

By designing a curriculum that makes meaningful links between subjects, where appropriate, to remove artificial subject boundaries allowing pupils to develop their interests in a coherent and satisfying way.

By designing a curriculum that promotes creativity, consisting of imaginative and purposeful activities that encourage original thought and allow pupils to reflect on their learning.

By moving away from a traditional timetable to allow teachers to plan extended sessions (blocking time).

By planning for the right level of challenge for all our pupils.

Contexts for Learning

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 but prefer to make meaningful links between subjects rather than teaching subjects discreetly. Our topics are usually linked to a famous picture, music or high quality texts that encourage a love of culture and that love of reading to which we aspire. For example, a topic about environmental science might be based on 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward, allowing children to explore geography, science, art and design through a well-regarded book. Alternatively, through looking at the work of Lowry, children can compare changing landscapes at the same time as developing oracy and learning to write well in response to a stimulus.

To avoid tenuous and artificial links some subjects, such as PE and RE, may be taught discretely.

There will still be a daily English and maths lesson based on 'Progression Through the Curriculum' (2014).

Phonics will be taught discretely in EYFS and in KS1 using 'Read Write Inc'.

RE will follow the 'Agreed Syllabus'.

There will be a programme of Personal, Health and Social Education, often linked to the topic, that covers areas such as relationships and healthy living. Sex Education, from which parents have the right to withdraw their child, will be based on a programme written by the Diocese called 'Love and Sex Matters'.


Sport plays an important part in our school and to ensure high quality provision we access facilities at Marlborough Leisure Centre for the Junior classes. This allows us to take every Junior class swimming and also to use the large sports hall for lessons led by specialist sports coaches. Every class has at least 2 PE lessons covering dance, gymnastics (Infants), outdoor games and athletics. We participate in the cluster sports festivals and every year group will enter into at least one of these whether it be hockey, football, tag rugby, athletics, orienteering etc. We provide additional sports coaching prior to these events.

Adventure activities (archery, caving, rock climbing, canoeing to name just a few) form an important part of our programme of residential visits. In addition, we enter the annual Cluster Dance Festival for pupils who choose to come along to our Dance Club. (Please see the list of clubs being run to see the range of extra curricular activities available.) Every child over the age of 10 takes part in a scheme called Bikeability that teaches them how to ride safely, culminating in an extended cycle ride.

To find out what you child will learn this year please look on their class page.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Food for thought:

Ecclesiastes 9:10-11 “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might….”

(Today is the day for you to use the creativity God has given you – take that opportunity!)

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Head Teacher: Mrs Claire Hann-Perkins

Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO: Mrs Mary Mundy

Admin officer (Reception and Telephone): Mrs Ange Baldock