Music Clubs

Music lessons are part of the curriculum

In addition to the music lesson that the pupils have as part of the curriculum, the school provides opportunities for pupils to undertake musical instrument tuition.

Towards the end of the summer term, information is sent to parents on the music tuition that will be available the following academic year; the school will then pass the contact details of anyone interested to the relevant teachers.

In most cases children will require their own instrument and charges are made termly. The relevant music teacher will provide details of the amount of practice they recommend for each instrument.

The Preshute Primary School annual music concert is held in June (usually at St. John's). This is an enjoyable event for all involved, and a wonderful opportunity for the music teachers who come into school to showcase their pupils' work; for those pupils to have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience; and for pupils who are considering taking up a musical instrument to get a taste for what they can expect to achieve.

As well as working towards music exams, pupils also have the opportunity to take part in other music events such as the Swindon Music Festival. Last year, some of our pupils also took part in a 24 hour music marathon to raise money for the Brighter Futures Radiotherapy Appeal. More recently some of the pupils from our choir sang at the Marlborough Civic Service to celebrate schools and education.

You should be aware that some lessons take place during school time and children will miss parts of school lessons. Each pupil is only allowed to take one lesson per week that will mean missing school lessons.

Music tuition available for 2018/19


Teacher: Jon Veale
Day/time: Friday morning
Age: From Year 3


Teacher: Kim Emery
Day/time: Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 1-3pm. Note: after-school lessons may be possible if lessons are oversubscribed.
Age: From Year 2


Teacher: Mrs Bellamy CT, ABRSM
Day/time: Wednesday lunchtime
Age: From Year 1
Details: Recorder club (30 minutes). Children learn to play the recorder (playing along to backing tracks), work out rhythms, reading music and some theory.


Teacher: Jessie Thompson (A.C.T.S.)
Day/time: Monday afternoon after school
Age: All

Singing Lessons

Teacher: Jessie Thompson (A.C.T.S.)
Day/time: Friday morning and lunchtime
Age: From Year 1

Woodwind (Flute & Clarinet)

Teacher: Mrs Bellamy CT, ABRSM
Day/time: Wednesday and Thursday during the school day
Age: From Year 3
Details: Individual or shared lessons (max. 3) held in school time. Children learn to play fun pieces with backing tracks with the possibility of taking exams.

Woodwind (Saxophone)

Teacher: Mrs Bellamy CT, ABRSM
Day/time: Wednesday/Thursday during school day
Age: From Year 5
Details: Individual or shared lessons (max. 3) held in school time. Lessons held if there is demand.

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