Residential Trips

Residential visits bring great value to children

Here at Preshute we value the educational and social experiences that children can gain from residential visits and consider them an integral part of the children’s education.

Junior children are given the opportunity to participate in residential visits that last from 2 days to a full week away from home. Our programme of residential visits not only complies with and enriches the National Curriculum requirements but also supports the social and personal development of our children.They enhance the very good relationships between adults who work in school and pupils.

Residential trips 2016- 17

Year 4: Braeside

Year 5: Pencelli

Year 6: 5 day stay: Charter House ( adventure activities) May 22nd - 26th

For our policy on off site education please click here :

Off site education


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Collective Worship themes this term

In Term 6 we are covering a range of parables - the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin, the Pharasee

and the Publican as well as learning about St Aidan and St Columba .

Thought for the week

from Barbara Meardon

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Try to make time this week to be mindful of small moments.