This years' topics

Themes at Preshute Primary School

September 2018- July 2019

Each "theme" will be a mix of subjects, but the focus is stated in brackets.

Terms 1 and 2Terms 3 and 4Terms 5 and 6
Reception and
Year 1/2
Goodies and Baddies (history based)Animals (science based)Bon Voyage (geography based)
Year 3/ 4Dig deep and discover (history, science and geography based)Our green and pleasant land (geography, history and music based)Eureka!!! (art, design technology and science based.
Year 5/ 6"An Unexpected Journey" (history, music, design and technology based)"Out of this world!" (science, history and geography based)"Invasion!" (geography, art and science based)

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Food for thought:

Ecclesiastes 9:10-11 “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might….”

(Today is the day for you to use the creativity God has given you – take that opportunity!)

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Preshute Church of England Primary School
High Street, Manton, Wiltshire.

01672 512 754

Head Teacher: Mrs Claire Hann-Perkins

Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO: Mrs Mary Mundy

Admin officer (Reception and Telephone): Mrs Ange Baldock