Getting to School

Getting to School

Walking to School

Where possible we do encourage children to walk to school and we work closely with our Road Safety Officer at Wiltshire Council to ensure that children are taught how to walk safely. We would like to look at operating a walking bus from Barton Park/College Fields; please contact the office if you are interested.

For further details please visit the walk to school website.

Using the Bus

Affectionately known as the School Bus, it is, however, a “service” bus and as such could carry passengers other than our children. The service is operated by Salisbury red buses. The bus arrives at school having followed the routes seen below. A member of staff escorts the children on to the bus at the end of the day and a register is taken, so please advise the school office if your child is taking the bus. Bus tickets can be purchased from the office. Note for 2019: they now cost £15 for a 10 journey ticket.

Morning times:Afternoon times:
8.30High St15.05School to Barton Park
(One Stop/Post Office)(stopping at Morris Road, Edwards Meadow and the Leisure Centre)
8.32College Fields 15.15 Lloyds Bank, Marlborough High Street.
(Bus stop near Leisure Centre turning)
8.35Morris Road



All our Year 6 (and where possible some year 5) are able to take ‘Bikeability’ which is 'cycling proficiency' for the 21st century.

For further details please go to the Bikeability website

The High Street in Manton is very narrow outside the school and there is no on-site parking.

Please would parents travelling to school by car:

  • Stick to the unofficial one-way system we operate during school drop off and pick up times, so that they enter Manton High Street via the A4 (near the pedestrian crossing) and exit via Clatford.
  • Park with consideration for our neighbours - please do not block driveways and entrances to houses in the village.
  • Not do a u-turn in the High Street.
  • Not park in the area designated as a bus stop.
  • Use the "pupil drop off point" in the morning in front of the school entrance where possible.

There is no staff parking so visitors will need to allow time to park and walk to the school.

Walking and Bus

Many of our children walk to school which helps ease traffic in the village of Manton. There is also a service bus - contact the school office for details.


A number of our children cycle to school and there are bike racks outside the main doors.

Contact Us

Preshute Church of England Primary School
High Street, Manton, Wiltshire.

01672 512 754

Head Teacher: Mrs Claire Hann-Perkins

Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO: Mrs Mary Mundy

Admin officer (Reception and Telephone): Mrs Ange Baldock