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Preshute Primary School


Curriculum Intent 

Technology is changing the lives of everyone. Our Aim through teaching computing we will equip our children with the skills to be IT literate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We aim to enable children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information.

Curriculum Implementation

 Our Computing provision provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum. Teaching and learning facilitate progression across all key stages, using both offline and online activities. We have developed our own knowledge and skills progressions that support the progression of learning across the school. 

Knowledge and Skills Progression pre April 2024.pdf

Click here for our Knowledge and Skills progression - from April 2024

 Online safety is taught as an integral part of  all computing lessons as well as discrete lessons and units across the school year.

Curriculum Impact

Through participating in ICT across the school children at Preshute will become confident digital citizens. They will be able to create multimedia presentations and be able to select the most appropriate forms to present information. Children will talk confidently about how to keep themselves safe online  and use our school values to be respectful , kind and show empathy of other users. They  will understand impact technology has on the world around them. 

An example of class 3 who created green screen movies linked to their work on Volcanoes.

 Coding with Lotti Bot