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Preshute Primary School

Design and Technology

Curriculum Intent

We aim to give each child the opportunity to question, investigate, problem solve and evaluate through Design and Technology projects which help them to answer questions about the world they live in. We hope to foster inquisitive minds which will one day pave the way for becoming the engineers, designers and builders of the future. Children will build upon their skills as they progress through the school drawing on their knowledge of Maths, Science, Computing and Art to help them to create and design imaginatively when approaching practical problems.

Curriculum Implementation

At Preshute School, the children experience three DT projects each year. In ks1 the children cover the following aspects: food and nutrition, mechanics, textiles and construction.  In KS2, the children cover the following aspects: food and nutrition, textiles, mechanical systems, electronics, construction. They will cover these twice while in KS2. This is to ensure progression of skills and retention of knowledge.

The children will take part in projects where they will think about what they are designing, who they are designing for and what the purpose it will be. The children will investigate analyse and evaluate existing products. Children will then learn the skills they need for the task using tools and materials. Once their project is completed the children will then evaluate their creation. Teachers may use the Design Technology association Projects on a page in their planning.

Design and Technology curriculum overview

Design and Technology vocabulary overview

Draft curriculum for Design and Technologypact 

At Preshute, we aim for the children to become confident in design and technology. They will have the skills and knowledge to design, make and evaluate as they move through the school. The children will have skills and attributes they can use beyond school and into adulthood.