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Geography 2


At Preshute Primary School, our curriculum vision  is to cultivate a deep curiosity, understanding  and knowledge of the world in which the pupils live. Through a well-structured curriculum, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for Geography. Our intent is to ensure that all pupils develop a secure foundation of geographical knowledge and skills, enabling them to make sense of the world around them and become responsible global citizens.

Our aim is to provide pupils with understanding of local, British and world wide Geography. Wherever possible, learning will be experiential, engaging pupil's curiosity and enthusiasm and  cross-curricular links are made to connect Geography with other subjects, fostering a holistic understanding of the world. 

The Geography curriculum at Preshute Primary School is carefully sequenced and progressive, building on prior knowledge and skills to deepen pupils' understanding over time. It is broad and balanced, covering key geographical concepts, skills, and themes such as locational knowledge, physical and human geography, environmental sustainability, and geographical skills. The curriculum incorporates a variety of teaching strategies including fieldwork, map reading and the use of technology to engage and immerse pupils in geographical learning.


  • Teaching is taught in blocks throughout the year.
  • During units pupils will experience map work, field work, use of technology.
  • Cross-curricular links are made to connect Geography with other subjects, fostering a holistic understanding of the world.
  • We have identified the key knowledge and vocabulary for the children to know in each unit. The units are planned across the school so children build upon knowledge and opportunities to revisit key aspects to embed knowledge.
  • Key documents that we use in planning geography is : an on overview of the key knowledge and vocabulary that maps our curriculum. In addition our progression  of field work experiences support teachers with planning.
  • Key knowledge and skills progressions

Resources and Enrichment:

  • A range of authentic and up-to-date resources, including maps, globes, atlases, and digital tools, are used to enhance pupils' geographical learning experiences at Preshute Primary School.
  • Field trips  and local community projects are integrated to provide real-world context and enrich pupils' understanding of different environments and cultures.
  • Global links and partnerships are established at Preshute Primary School to broaden pupils' perspectives and promote intercultural understanding- the school has links with a charity and school in Uganda. 


    Pupil Progress and Attainment:

    • Pupil progress in Geography is  monitored and assessed at Preshute Primary School to identify areas of strength and development.
    • Assessments are used formatively to inform teaching and learning, ensuring that all pupils are making sustained progress in line with curriculum expectations.