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Curriculum Intent 

At Preshute,  our curriculum vision is to create knowledgeable, inquisitive historians and curious learners. We believe that studying artefacts, cultures, and pastimes can greatly impact our understanding of life in Britain. Through an enquiry-based approach, our aim is for pupils to develop a deep understanding of chronology and historical events.

Pupils will engage in research, analysis, and evaluation, using both primary and secondary historical sources. This approach will help them gain insights into how people from the past lived. They will also develop a strong grasp of key historical concepts such as legacy, monarchy, invasion, and rebellion and the impact of these on society.

Throughout our curriculum, we will emphasise the importance of local history, as it connects our pupils to their immediate surroundings. By ordering events in time, finding differences and similarities, writing and discussing the past, as well as using various sources of information, pupils will have ample opportunity to explore history. We will encourage them to ask and answer questions, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Whenever possible, learning will be experiential, engaging our pupils' curiosity and enthusiasm for discovering the past. Our goal is to provide pupils with a comprehensive understanding of local, British, and world history.

Chronology is taught progressively; everything we learn builds on everything we have learnt before. On entry to school children explore events within living memory and a strong sense of chronology is developed as we take the children further back in time as they progress through the KS1 and KS2. By the end of their primary education, children will have a chronological understanding of British history from Stone Age to present day develop a strong understanding of how events from the past have influenced many aspects of our culture, beliefs, routines, and developments of today. Key gold threads are revisited throughout the curriculum.


As a historian we learn the following skills:

Curriculum Implementation 

 Over this academic year we have been revising our history curriculum.

Click here for our Knowledge and Skills progression- pre April 2024

 Knowledge and skills progression from April 2024

  1. Teaching is taught in blocks throughout the year.
  2. During units children explore artefacts and sources, children are inspired to extend their knowledge of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Children’s learning is rooted in our village community and beyond. We aim to make history as experiential as possible through visits, visitors to the school, exploring artefacts as well as dress up days.
  3. We have identified the key knowledge and vocabulary for the children to know in each unit. The units are planned across the school so children build upon knowledge and have the opportunities to revisit key aspects to embed knowledge.
  4. Key documents that we use in planning history is our overview of key knowledge and vocabulary that maps our curriculum across the school. Our progression of skills and knowledge support teachers with additional information.
  5. Additional resources include:


 Curriculum Impact


  • Pupil progress in History is consistently monitored and assessed at Preshute Primary School to identify areas of strength and development.
  • Assessments are used formatively to inform teaching and learning, ensuring that all pupils are making sustained progress in line with curriculum expectations.

History of our school- On the 18th of October 2022 - Open day for villagers to celebrate the history of the school. Year 6 pupils showed villagers around the school sharing what they remember about the school as well as what they children had learnt about the school in a focused week of history.