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Preshute Primary School

Learning Environment

Our aim at Preshute is to provide a stimulating and creative learning environment where children can live life and love learning, feeling safe and well supported in all aspects of their learning. To support us with ensuring we can create the best possible learning environment for the children we use our ‘Learning Environment hand’ to remind us of that.


We celebrate children’s learning in a variety of ways; one example would be house points for following our Golden Rules. These promote our school values.

 ‘House Points’ that are tallied up at the end of each week. The House that earns the highest score will win our coveted House Cup!

We host a celebration assembly where we celebrate all learning achievements, including academic, sporting and musical achievements. These are recorded in our ‘Golden book’ and recorded in the school newsletter.

Preshute recognises achievement in the local community too. These see us working together as part of a community on team-building projects that everyone in school can benefit from. We celebrate this on with photos on our Celebration display.

Other examples of celebration include ‘Writer of the Week’, Star of the week, Reading awards and decorating classrooms with quality work.


The school is built into the hill and although looks small from the road, has a playground, pond, quiet garden area (known as Bobby’s Garden) and field.

The main building of the school is divided into a hall and 5 classrooms, we have additional classrooms in mobiles at the top of the playground. (we have future to plans to have 3 new classrooms to replace these, see our latest projects for what this will look like)



We have high expectations for ourselves and the children regarding behaviour, attitudes, and cognition. These tie in with our school values and rights and responsibilities as members of the school community. For instance, we place a great deal of emphasis on mutual respect to make sure everyone feels welcome.

These expectations also inform our Golden rules which are as follows:

  • Be kind, helpful and polite
  • Be fair, honest and truthful
  • Work hard and use your time well
  • Listen to people, give others time to think and time speak
  • Look after property and use our equipment, our playground and our school grounds with care
  • Be gentle, and help everyone stay safe


To enrich academic work, our approach to the curriculum places great emphasis on ‘experiential’ learning. Each term’s theme is ‘Launched’ by engaging our learners to get them excited and enthusiastic about the theme for the term’s ‘Big Question’. The learning ends with a ‘Landing’ which is an opportunity for children to share their learning and answer the term’s Big Question’

We therefore give children a wealth of opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and through first-hand experience. This includes: bikeability, extra-curricular activities, trips, Church visits and Open the Book assemblies.

 In addition, we’re proud of the musical opportunities  we can offer. These range from learning how to play an instrument to recording songs or performing to audiences.

Children can get involved with our many after school clubs or lunchtime clubs. The children also get the opportunities to compete against other schools in sporting events.

 The children also have the opportunities to take responsibility by having jobs around the school including: being a year 6 buddy to the reception children; school councillor or sports leader. 


Although the children are encouraged to be independent learners, they’re still provided with all the help and encouragement they could need by the adults who work with them.

We also support parents and carers in helping children learn at home; this is because we believe that learning does not just take place at school.