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Preshute Primary School

Teaching and Learning

Our ELLI principles support our strapline by supporting the children in understanding how they learn and how they can improve their learning.

Our teaching practice throughout the school reflects the principles of the ELLI project (Enhanced Lifelong Learning Inventory). The principles are based on a research project undertaken with Primary Schools in Wiltshire and Bristol University.

Each dimension is a continuum and, ideally, a balance of strength in all areas will help us to become effective lifelong learners. 

ELLI characters 

In addition to these 8 characters as a school we added a 9th character Positive Penguin.


What Are Our Aims in Using ELLI?

  • ELLI enables teachers to focus on the skills of learning.
  • ELLI provides a vocabulary with which we can discuss learning.

  • ELLI demonstrates that learning is learnable.

  • ELLI enables pupils to focus on different aspects of learning during lessons.

  • ELLI provides us with a way of celebrating achievements in learning alongside curriculum success.

How is ELLI Incorporated Into the Curriculum?

ELLI is part of our daily teaching in 2 ways:

  • Explicitly – by direct, active encouragement of the 9 ELLI dimensions and related reward systems.

  • Implicitly – by modelling how we, as teachers, are also learning to learn through our style of teaching, classroom management and the curriculum.

How is ELLI Used in School?

In our Celebration assembly positive learning behaviours are highlighted and children are rewarded with ELLI certificates. 

In addition to this each key stage will promote ELLI.


Key stage 1

Each class has a set of soft toys representing the ELLI dimensions. These aspects of learning are then introduced one at a time, with the help of a school ELLI story which features all the animals.


Key stage 2

Each year group has reward systems, which enable staff to discuss and praise positive learning behaviours.