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School Building Plans 

Exciting News for Preshute Primary School

The Building process

Watch the video below to see how phase 1 of the new extension to the school was built. 


 Wiltshire Council have a mandate to remove elderly “mobile classrooms” from numerous School sites and replace them with new teaching space that meets current standards. Preshute has 2 mobile classrooms and in 2017 the School was offered funding by Wiltshire Council to develop a scheme to replace them and (where possible) address other premises issues.

 We appointed NVB Architects to deliver a “Master Plan” to address all identified issues with our site and premises.  This led to Wiltshire Planning Application 20/07157/FUL which was approved in December 2020.

All the documents associated with the Planning Application can be found here
The Design and Access Statement gives a good overview of the scheme and how it was developed.  It can be found by clicking on "Files" and finding "Statement/Surveys - Design & Access Statement" (in Category "Statement/Surveys").  Click on the chevron at the right and select "View".


Click here for a copy of the letter sent by the School Governors - 22 May 2020

Building Update and Photos

Here are some photos taken on 14th July at the Moduloft Factory in Yorkshire where our new classrooms are taking shape.  You can see the rooms are about to be decorated and the plumbing and wiring are in place.

 It won't be long before we can all walk round the new spaces in their new home in Wiltshire.


Phase 1

Our first phase of building will provide 3 new classrooms which will form a new 1st floor on top of Class R; there will be stairs up in the area of the current music room and the build reaches back to "land" on the playground.  Once this is complete the Mobiles will be removed.


The following images give you an idea of how the new classrooms will fit on to the existing building;  

phase 1 summary.pdf


The School's Project Team are currently working to appoint a Building Contractor with the intention of delivering the new Classrooms as a modular build with significant off-site preparation so as to allow it to all happen during the period of the 2021 Summer Holiday


Comments should be sent by email to: PreshutePlans@preshute.wilts.sch.uk

Phase  2 plans