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Collective Worship

Our Christian Heritage

We enable pupils to develop spiritually, morally and intellectually

Preshute Primary School is a Church of England school. We work hard to maintain our Christian heritage and values so that they permeate every aspect of the life of the school.

We are proud of the very strong links we have with St George’s Church, Preshute, and the Diocese of Salisbury.

Working together, we enable pupils to develop spiritually, morally and intellectually according to the beliefs of the Christian faith.

In June 2016 the National Society’s Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools rated our school as “outstanding”.

Collective Worship and Values

A daily act of collective worship is led by staff, children or visitors to the school. Our worship is mainly of a broadly Christian character in accordance with the Education Reform Act 1988.


Every ‘short’ term (half term) the school introduces a new “Value” as a focus both for collective worship and as part of classroom teaching. Such values have included "Courage", "Creativity" and "Truth".

The children consider these Values from a spiritual, moral and intellectual perspective, and pupils who have displayed characteristics of the relevant Value at school are celebrated in a special assembly every few weeks.

Open the Box

The Values also form a basis for “Open the Box” – a fortnightly collective worship assembly, which is thoroughly enjoyed by the children for its interactive format.

Open the Book

“Open the Book” is another regular feature of our collective worship at school. It is led by members of the local church community, who again use the Value of the term as the basis for their service. For example, when looking at "Creativity", staff and church community members held an “Open the Book” assembly on the story of Creation and Adam and Eve.

Services at St George’s Church

As well as welcoming the Church to our school, we ensure that the children have the opportunity to take part in collective worship at St George’s Church, including Harvest Festival, Christmas and Easter services.

We also hold the Buddy Service at St George’s at the beginning of each school year when the Year 6 pupils welcome their new Reception ‘buddies’ and their families to the Preshute Primary School community.

Our annual Thanksgiving Service is held at the church in July, when we reflect upon the past academic year and wish our Year 6 school leavers every success as they prepare to embark upon the next stage of their education.

Parents and carers are always welcome at these services.

Leadership by the children

We encourage our pupils to take an active part in our collective worship. This includes the “Open the Box” assemblies and also class-led assemblies.

Class-led assemblies

We encourage class-led assemblies. Some of the most poignant have been our November assemblies when upper school pupils have led the school with special Remembrance assemblies - with poems, prayers and songs that they had written, reflecting upon those soldiers who had fought and died in battle.

Journey Day

Three times a year the staff and pupils work alongside the St George's Church team to focus on a theme of collective worship.

The children are encouraged to present their ideas as to what form the learning will take, and it is an opportunity to work outside the “usual” curriculum. This culminates in class-led group activities at St George’s church.

Religious Education

Religious Education is an important component of our children’s work. The pupil’s learning and understanding of Christianity extends beyond times of collective worship and forms part of classroom teaching where children have the opportunity to explore and consider Christian concepts in further depth, such as the Lord's Prayer.

Programmes of work will also frequently refer to other religions, particularly when considering the lives of people from other cultures.

Moral and social education is an inherent part of daily school life and is underpinned by the school’s “Core Values” and “Golden Rules” which form part of the school’s Behaviour Policy.

Anti-bullying policy - drafted by the pupils

Recently the pupils thought about the different types of bullying and its effects, and then drafted their own anti-bullying advice, posters and policies.

Click here to read the 'child-friendly' anti-bullying policy written by the children of Preshute Primary School.

Reflection time

We endeavour to find an opportunity for regular “reflection time” where the children can focus on the choices they have made, what they are proud of and what they want to improve upon. Such reflection time may include using music, objects and or solar candles.

Thinking of others - fundraising

We encourage our children through Collective Worship and classroom teaching to be kind and think of others as Jesus did.

Harvest festival donations, Remembrance Day poppies, Children in Need – our pupils support them all. The school also celebrates the efforts of individual children to raise money to help others. Some children have been involved in organising cake sales for such charities as Julia’s House children’s hospice and the Twin a Toilet project; others have been involved in fun runs and others in music marathons.

What it means to be a Church of England School

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