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Preshute Primary School Association (PPSA)

Funds raised by the PPSA directly support your child's educational experience - please join us and share your skills and interests to help our fundraising activities. We would be delighted to hear from you!

The PPSA is a charity run entirely by volunteers, organising events and projects. We raise much-needed money to improve facilities at the school and to help create a happy, friendly, fun and supportive environment. 

We run events like the Summer and Christmas Fayres, the Popcorn Cinema Club, discos, pre-loved clothes, books and DVD sales (including a jumble sale in conjunction with the "Manton Ladies") dress-down days, family activity days, and we help create and sell special gifts!

Everyone who has a child at Preshute Primary School is automatically a member of the PPSA, and we value everything that is done to help the school.

If you are a new parent to the school, please get in touch with us on the email below so we can help you with any information you require.  preshuteppsa@gmail.com

Match Funding or Sponsorship

Many companies now run schemes in which they will match the funds raised or time spent on charitable activities by employees.

A number of Preshute parents have taken advantage of such schemes and this has made an enormous difference to the amount of money raised by the PPSA. We would be delighted if anyone who works for a company enquires with their Managing Director, HR or Corporate Citizenship department as to whether match funding is a possibility and what the requirements are. The PPSA committee will work with you to help you secure this funding for the school. It makes a big difference with very little extra work.

Grand Gestures

Welcome to the Preshute Primary School Grand Gestures team, headed by Preshute volunteer and grandmother, Sue Elks.

The Grand Gestures team, comprising an ever-expanding group of enthusiastic, resourceful and community-minded grandparents, parents, local residents, staff and governors, has been out and about giving Preshute Primary School in Manton a well-deserved spring clean.

So far, they have swept and cleaned and painted, tidied displays, replenished flower beds and, most recently, given the Reception classroom and play area an early spring clean. No job is too big or too small.

And the children are also getting on board. A weekend in early February saw some of the youngest pupils and siblings out in the fresh air, diligently scrubbing tables and chairs in the Reception play area, shoulder to shoulder alongside their parents and grandparents. There have also been an increasing number of requests from pupils wanting to (quite literally) get in to tidy up the school pond!

Over the summer Grand Gestures were busy, cleaning, painting and planting to ensure the school looked spick and span for the new term and had over 20 families come and help out. 


The enthusiasm of the Grand Gestures team knows no bounds. Most weekend they have a team “working bees” who are busy at the school making the grounds look magnificent.